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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does the product weight (RUNNING TIRE)? 

The weight of the product in the middle size of yellow color RT1 is 24 lbs, while the large size of orange color RT2 is 26 lbs.

2. How much weight does the product (RUNNING TIRE) bear?

Both middle and large weights can bear up to 2.8 us tons.

3. What cars are suitable for using the product (RUNNING TIRE)?

Cars with a height of ( 6in ) from the ground and wheels without air as the height of the product is ( 6in )

4. What kinds of roads on which the product (RUNNING TIRE) may be used?

The product is designed and tested to be suitable for highways and roads within paved cities (or asphalt).

5. Is the product safe?

The product is safe definitely if the safety and security instructions stated in the manual and the video on how to use for use are followed.

6. What is the maximum speed when using the product?

The Maximum and safe speed to use the product is 30 miles per hour and a great caution should be paid to speeding so as not to hurt your car or cars behind you.

7. What is the advantage of your product?

The product is characterized by strength and toughness besides it saves time and effort for the user. In addition it makes you feel comfort and do not disturb from such emergency situations that make you go to the nearest place to change the tire of your car. - The product will protect your car tire from total damage and change it - The product will suffice you from exposure to embarrassing or difficult situations that may occur at inappropriate times even to wait.

8. Is the product suitable for both front and rear wheels?

The product is suitable for both front and rear wheels but not suitable for automatic fourwheel drive fitted to mountains and desert, and it also not suitable for cars with wheels not listed in our manual or its height is less than (6in).

9. What are the most important warnings I should consider when using RUNNING TIRE?

Here are some very important warnings and you should review the user manual. We will also summarize these warnings for you in the next video and please watch it carefully and more than once DO NOT USE the RUNNING TIRE on vehicles with permanent or automatic differential locks and limited slip differentials. When using the RUNNING TIRE on a front wheel NEVER turn the wheel unless the car is in motion. Be careful not to drive over 40 km/h.(graph( ALWAYS attach the safety strap when using the RUNNING TIRE Flat Tire Cradle. AVOID potholes and other road hazards. MAXIMUM gross vehicle weight: 2.8 ton . (graph) Remove the air valve cap from your flat tire. Must read the booklet instructions and watch the instruction Video. Running Tire is used only for emergency situations.

10. Are there any difficulties I may encounter when using RUNNING TIRE?

If the instructions are followed very carefully, There will be no significant difficulties.

11. Can the product be used in difficult conditions such as high temperature?

Yes, you can use the product during times of high temperatures.

12. Can the product be used in mountains and highlands?

The product cannot be used in mountains and highlands and we must caution that the product is designed for paved roads and equipped for vehicle traffic only.

13. Can the product be used in snow?

The product cannot be used during snowfall or roads that have heavy rain and we must caution that the product is designed for paved roads and equipped for vehicle traffic in normal circumstances only.

14. Do you have warranty on the product?

Yes, there is a lifetime warranty on the product in case the instructions are followed very carefully.

15. Can I turn back while using the product?

Yes, you can turn back whether the product is on the front or rear wheel.

16. Can I make U turn while using the product?

Actually, you can do the U Turn while using the product, whether it is on the front or rear wheel, but we caution against moving the front tire in the case of full parking, however, the car must move a little and then move the steering smoothly.

17. Is the product suitable with various speed bumps?

Yes, with some types of bumps with paying attention that the product is being designed for emergencies.